Monday, July 16, 2012

Return to Camp Granny

Once again, the boys were lucky enough to get to spend a week at Camp Granny.

My mom, Auntie Cheryl, and Bebe all came down from Houston to my uncle's place in Concan, and spent a week enjoying the Frio River at its best.

  The boys loved tie-dying t-shirts with them.

And of course playing in the river.

Over and over again.

 And showing Uncle Bobby the ways of the force.

We had left them with a few Scout electives to do, and they had a great time gathering leaves to catalog, and looking for birds and wildlife.

 They also had a chance to use some of their skills and supplies after Art Camp.

We would periodically get some texts that perhaps gave us a bit of pause about just what my family was teaching the boys.

But for the most part, we knew they were in great hands.

This year, they even got to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

Welcome back, lost American tradition.

And there was lots of fun on the trolley, including an upgrade to Official Horn Blower Status.

The boys had a fabulous time, and didn't want to come back home.

We feel very blessed the boys are able to share this time with my family, and we are very thankful to Camp Granny for their time, patience and love.

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