Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dallas Museum of Nature and Science

I had picked the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science as a fun place to spend our afternoon. It was (relatively) close to the Arboretum, it was indoors, and it looked like it would keep Team Danger entertained for a while.

Which it did, for Alex.

Ryan's ear had started bothering him, so while Alex and Carl explored the animals, I had him laying down on a bench to see if we could drain some water form his ear.

We had thought it was water from the fountains early on, and then changed our opinion as time went on and the pain increased, only to have our original instinct confirmed.

Anyways... Alex enjoyed all the taxidermy animals.

I tend to find these things kinda creepy, so I was relatively happy to stay with Ryan. A non-screaming Ryan would have helped.

After a while, Ryan thought he could try and see some of the museum. He perked up a bit when we went into the hands-on science section, as opposed to the nature bits.

He tried the giant bubble wand out.

Daddy then showed them how its done.

And despite his ear issues, he still was the reigning champ in the family at the balance tester.

They have a special exhibit on the Magic School Bus right now.

Ryan LOVES the Magic School Bus, so he put aside his ear problems for a bit.

We learned all about weather, thanks to the Magic School Bus.

And then we tried out the children's section of the museum.
I'm not sure how they did this, but some real creamy liquid came out of the cow.
There were a few smiles to be had.

Especially in the magic mirrors section.

But it wasn't long before the pain intensified, and actual sobbing and screaming commenced, and we hightailed it out of the museum. Ryan couldn't even make it up the stairs by himself.

They've also got a planetarium, and IMAX theater, and a big exhibit called "Shark Attack" that Alex REALLY wanted to see. If I can ever get over my mortification from the screaming and head throttling my six year old was doing, we might return here some day.

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