Friday, July 27, 2012

Reading and Writing, CSI and LEGOs

Last week the boys went in all sorts of directions, camp wise, and spent their time using their brains rather than their brawn.

The mornings were spent at RRISD camps.

Ryan went to Extending Reading and Writing.

He wasn't so sure about this camp before he went, but we really feel as if he needs a reading and writing boost.

We liked that this camp fell at the mid-way point during the summer, so we are using it to help re-energize his reading and writing skills, which we've let slide over the past six weeks.

We've kept up on math flashcards 2-3x week, but its a struggle getting him to read with us, and frankly, we all needed a break. But its time to get things back on track, and I'm pleased that this camp has helped us get there. Maybe. ;)

At the same time, Alex went to Junior Detective camp.

It was basically a forensic evidence, CSI-style camp.

He LOVED it.

We've all been fingerprinted by Alex, and he is loving using his new skills to try and solve "crimes" around the house.

In the afternoon, they went to Make a LEGO Movie Camp, put on by Bits, Bytes and Bots at the school. This was their number one camp choice, and it was as big as a hit as we hoped. They spent all afternoon making LEGO movies.

The first two days, Alex and Ryan worked together on this video.

 And the other three days they worked with two other boys (and their teacher, for the girls voices, since no self-respecting big boy would give voice to a (gross) girl character) on this video.

The boys were especially proud of the fact that the Batman LEGOs used in this video came from their own personal collection.

Pretty good first efforts, I think!

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