Monday, June 18, 2012

The Llamas and the Papas

We had a fantastic Father's Day celebration on Sunday.

The boys were excited to give Carl their gifts, so they woke us up with the presents in bed. I was really happy with how his main present turned out, this little book about Dad I had printed and which the boys then filled out.

 The boys were excited to give Carl some new skylanders characters for their video game, and yes, they pretty much bought themselves a present. We went back to sleep after opening the gifts while the boys went downstairs to "test out Daddy's new skylanders and see how they work." ;)

Chris and Al came over a bit later, and we all hopped in the mommyvan for a trip to the Wildlife Safari.

We love this place, and this was possibly our best visit yet.

Its so much fun to drive through the ranch and see all the animals, and everyone loves feeding them.


 And yes, zebras do bite, but you just have to feed them right out of your hands.

Its just a little nibble after, after all.

This was the first time we've been brave enough to feed the ostriches.

Look at their feet, and just try and tell me these animals aren't proof that dinosaurs still exist.

We especially loved seeing all the baby ostriches.

This was also the first time we've been successful in getting a llama to come to the car and eat out of our hands.

Or bag, as the case may be.

We drove through the park twice, going on both of the two paths.

And we're already planning our return trip in the spring when their expansion is ready.

After the safari, we headed to Gruene, for a late lunch at the Grist Mill and some antique shopping.

Finally, it was time to head home. Elaine and family were coming over for dinner, so we had a chance to visit and celebrate with them for a bit, too.

Everyone agreed it was one of the best Father's Days ever.

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