Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art Camp: Success!

What a great week at art camp. The boys declared THIS to be the best camp yet, and topping Cub Scout camp is no small feat.

They actually did two separate camps - a drawing camp in the mornings, and a mixed medium camp in the afternoons, both put on by their art teacher.

The first project in each camp was to make water bottles they could refill during the week.

And since they did two camps, they made two bottles. :)

And several amazing works of art came home with them.

They are especially proud of these big paper mache characters.

I'm wondering where one puts them.
Ryan's Dragon:

Alex's dragon:

The last day, they made still life paintings from objects of personal significance. Ryan is super proud of his, featuring Waddles (a stuffed penguin he bought at Sea World), one of the little LEGO baby food jars we made for his birthday party, and on the left side, part of the London Olympics bear we had brought him from our trip.

Alex brought in a few more items (and more complex ones, to boot), so he is still working on his painting. But you can see (left bottom to right) his "Heat Winner" ribbon from swimming, the tool box he had made at Cub Scout camp, a stuffed Captain America doll, his Batmobile from the Pinewood Derby, and the Union Jack flag, also a souvenir from our trip.

And then there were the black and white charcoal drawings.

And the colored pencil fruit drawings.

Scratch art. You start with a pencil drawing, and then it gets "scratched" on to the black scratch paper. They LOVED doing this, and I've had many requests to make the scratch paper so they can do more at home.

By Alex:

By Ryan:

And this was just some of what they made at Art Camp last week!

I'm thrilled they are continuing with their art at home, too. We celebrated a good week at camp with a trip to Hobby Lobby to get the correct acrylic paints so Alex can finish his painting, along with a new set of chalk pastels and colored pencils.

Now my only problem is deciding which items to frame and display in the house...

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