Monday, June 4, 2012

Jubilee Weekend

We had fun celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at home in Austin this weekend.

 Saturday was spent swimming. We had the first swim meet of the season, then Ryan went to a friend's pool party, and then we came home and our neighbors were swimming with Alex. Three pools for Ryan in one day, and he couldn't get enough.

Sunday, we slept late (!) and got ready for the Jubilee Flotilla. I'd heard so much about the 1000 barges that would be traversing the Thames, I couldn't wait to see it.

 What a spectacle it was!

I loved the barge the Queen and the Royal Family traveled on. With the rowers, it was something straight out of the first Elizabethan age! Love how this one detail helps strengthen the reminder that Elizabeth II is royalty and descended from the days when the kings and queens regularly traveled the Thames via barge, to get from Hampton Court to the Tower and to central London.

I drank out of my new Jubilee mug the Royal Blend tea from Fortnum & Mason's, and broke into the shortbread that came home from London in its special Jubilee tin.

 Carl had picked up a birthday cake for me so we could celebrate with the boys, and we used my new napkins I picked up at Marks & Spencer.

We had such spectacular weather while we were in England, I feel so bad for everyone shivering out in the cold, wet and windy rain.

I can't wait to catch the Jubilee concert later tonight on the US tv, and then the special Trooping of the Colour tomorrow. I saw the Trooping of the Colour back in 1993 when I was in school, and that was amazing even back then. Tomorrow should be over the top!

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