Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Soccer

Our spring soccer season is now officially underway!

 Ryan is back with Chelsea, although three new players have joined his team.

He is off to a great start, scoring several goals each game.

He is such a good player that we have considered playing him up a year or two with the older kids, to give him more of a challenge. But I worry about him losing the social aspect of soccer. Its a lot of fun to play against friends your own age, and on a team of friends your own age. So for now, we've kept him with the kindergartners.

 Here he is about to score...


 And then there is our big boy.

Alex is also back with Arsenal.

We added two new players to his team, and the team has been on fire so far.

Alex is playing incredibly well - I hardly even notice HSP holding him back.

 He's keeping up with everyone running up and down the fields.
And he has scored in both of the games we've played so far.

I'm practicing with the DSLR nature of my camera more, and doing my best to take it off automatic. I'm better inside than outside with it. Its hard to get the settings right with all this natural light!

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