Friday, March 9, 2012

Basketball 2012

In January and February, the boys played winter basketball. Our pediatrician has predicted Alex will be 6'2" and that Ryan will be 6'4" when they are fully grown, so I figure we have high school basketball in our future, and they should start learning to play now. Which is why I started both of them in the Y leagues at age 4. :)

Alex returned to his team from last year, now called the Mavericks, and Ryan was on a new team, the Nets.

Ryan improved so much this year, it was such a joy to watch him play. Here he is making a basket.


Alex had a harder time with basketball this season. He has slowed down quite a bit as he recovers from HSP, and the first few games, he was just exhausted by the second half. We finally wised up and stopped bringing him for the 30 minute practices before the game, and that helped a lot the second half of the season.

His best games were  his last two games, and he scored in each of them.

We're so proud of both our little basketball stars!

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