Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Handprint Snowman Ornaments, Take Two

One of these days I'll wrap up my holiday posts and actually move on to January events...

Back in December, the boys and I sat down to create their annual Christmas ornaments to family members (and teachers). Thanks to my new discovery, pinterest, I decided on a variation of last year's handprint snowman ornaments.

I liked that these weren't on the glass balls (which have a good chance of breaking through the years), and that if someone wanted, they could simply hang it as a decoration rather than as an ornament.

Alex's finished products:

Alex customized several of his. The one for my mom, for instance, included a SnowGranny with gray hair. Alex's were also unique in that many of them had a distinct rock star/zombie feel to them.

Here are Ryan's finished products:

Can you tell I helped a bit on his faces? ;)

We even made special pink and purple ones for Laurel and Audrey!

The only hard part was deciding which ones to keep for myself...

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