Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot, Hotter... Fade to Black

Its hot.

Africa hot.

Its so hot, I don't think Tarzan could stand this kind of heat.

God knows I can't.

And the boys are equally concerned with the heat, showing a nice dose of Safety Mommy in their genes.

Which is why it was so unpleasant when our electricity went down last night at 6:45 pm.

And stayed down for FIVE HOURS.

Within three hours, the temperature upstairs had risen from 78 degrees to 91 degrees.

We waited those three hours, thinking SURELY the electricity would come back on. But it didn't, and we finally broke down and made the drive to Pflugerville to spend the night at Carl's parents house.

Apparently our outage was due to a power line being down. The criminals that run my electric company, PEC (literally criminals, since they've been convicted of mishandling our funds) had no clue why it was down during my, ahem, concerned phone calls to them today. Most of them (and yes, "them" is correct, since I was transferred multiple times) even denied there was a power outage, even though clearly every one around me for a mile had no electricity last night.

The only bright spot in my horizon is that we leave for Orlando in three days, where we can "cool" off at Disney World in August, where the temps are 20 degrees cooler than Austin.

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