Sunday, August 28, 2011

Austin Cow Parade

Early Saturday morning, we headed downtown to check out the Cows which are currently on parade throughout Austin.

 I first noticed them on Tuesday when I headed back to work.

 The boys were semi-amused with our expedition.

  Especially when it gave them a chance to act goofy, like when they milked this female cow.
  And Ryan's constant attempt to make bunny ears over his brother. WHY do kids think this is funny?!?!


We were even brave enough to let Alex try taking a few pictures with our camera. Some of which came out okay.

 Some of which did not.
 They tried to climb on this one before I knew what they were doing.

 When we ran across a segway tour, guess what jumped to the top of Alex's birthday list?

 As with everything in Austin this summer, the heat soon set in, despite the early time.

 And when they found these fountains, all hope was lost.

 It was play time.

In the shade, with water.

And just like that,  our cow parade was at an end.

This was as close as I could get either boy to even pose with this last cow.

Some of us had a good time.

Alex just wanted to know why they couldn't put all the cows indoors, and in one place.

Truth be told, so did I.

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