Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Patchridge Day!

You might think Ryan could easily say "Happy St. Patrick's Day." Sponge Bob has a friend named Patrick. I have a cousin named Patrick. But apparently today is known throughout Ms. Joi's four year old classroom as "Happy Patchridge Day."

To celebrate, we went to Krispy Kreme after dinner tonight, where they have Donut Decorating nights on Wednesday. The boys were pretty excited to decorate their own donuts with frosting and sprinkles, although they were both a bit confused why there were no blue sprinkles.

They also made Patrchridge Day hats so we could pretend to be Lepre-cuties for at least two minutes before they tired of wearing them.

Alex seems to be enjoying his Science Camp. I'm not sure how much science he is learning, though. He's made some kind of cool crafts, like a birdhouse, catapult and a bug house. But I think we could have bought these kits for about $5 each and saved an awful lot of money sending him somewhere cheaper like the Y for the week.

Enjoy what's left of your Patchridge Day.

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