Saturday, March 20, 2010

The first day of Spring.. is Freezing!!

So today is officially the first day of Spring. And yet, its pouring down rain, windy and colder than a witch's... well, you know the saying. We had planned to spend the day outside gardening and working on the playscape, but like all best-laid plans...

Yesterday was Cowboy Day at Ryan's pre-school.

He protested a bit at wearing his hat and bandana, but that changed quickly enough. He had a good time in the parade, which made me happy. It wasn't that long ago that he couldn't make it through a parade without crying.

Alex finished up his week at Science Camp, and came home with a t-shirt he created. It says ... "Carl, Ryan, Alex." That's right, no Annalynn. Not even a Mommy. I am represented at least as a green stick figure, but yet somehow I don't even rate a mention on the t-shirt. Sigh. At least I can take some comfort in the fact that he made me a skinny stick figure, right?

The boys had a surprise slumber party last night. Noel and Tatianna, the twins who live across the cul-de-sac from us, came over to watch "Spy Kids." Alex invited them for a sleep over (isn't he thoughtful?) so the four of them ended up in Alex's room. Tati got the top bunk. Alex and Noel shared the bottom, full sized bed, and we pulled Ryan's mattress in so he could sleep on the floor. Surprisingly, it worked out quite well. I was awakened at 6:45 a.m. asking for more pillows for their pillow fight. Fortunately the buffet of pillows in the guest bedroom was enough - I was fearful of losing my own sniffy!

The "New Moon" DVD came out at midnight, so as soon as possible this morning, we took a family trip to Borders. We all came home with something we wanted!

I had told each boy they could pick out a book, but then they found several each, and since I think there is pretty much nothing as important as books, I gave in and let them get four new books each. I'm pretty excited that Alex is able to read an entire Magic Treehouse book by himself, so who am I to put a stop in the progress of a genius? ;)

Since it was an inside kind of day, we then decorated spring-ish cookies (flowers, butterflies, and easter eggs). The cookies didn't taste that good, but that didn't stop the boys from eating two apiece. Then it was a game of baseball with Noel and Tatianna - the kids get a big thrill from saying "Noel and Ryan" are playing baseball.

Next came Wes' 4th birthday party. Wes is on Ryan's soccer team, the Roly-Polys. His older brother, Will, is on Alex's soccer team, his dad, Ethan, is a computer guy like Carl and his mom, Jennifer, is an attorney. Yep, we pretty much have *nothing* in common with them. The boys had a good time, even if the pinata broke before Alex had a chance to pull the string.

Now the boys are asleep and its time to crank open that New Moon DVD. Edward and Jacob are calling me. Jacob (aka Taylor Lautner) is over 18, so its okay for me to like him now, right?

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