Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jack on the Shelf

This is only my third year with Jack in the family, but I am already kind of done with it.

Thank goodness Carl really stepped it up this year, because by Night 2, I had forgotten Jack.

And that happened many times throughout the month of December.

Some days were easy, like when I found these ornaments at Hallmark by chance, and the idea fell into my lap.

Oh, and those of you who start the Elf with thanksgiving - ya'll are cray-cray, because why, WHY do that to yourself? Its bad enough coming up with 24 days starting on December 1.

Anyways... see if you can figure out which days were planned by Danger Daddy versus Safety Mommy.

If you guessed Carl for this night... give yourself an apple.

Whereas my nights...

Were a bit lower-key.

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