Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Team Danger's Day of Danger

To celebrate the end of school last month, we had a Day of Danger for Team Danger.

First up, a visit to iFly, which the boys have been begging us for ever since they started building that huge building.

They had a blast.

Its tricky taking pictures there, since the boys were in a glass tunnel inside, and they were moving abound pretty fast.

We celebrated with Amy's next door.


We also went to try out the gokart racing at K1 Speed, and it was... okay.

The boys loved it, but we had to wait around a long time for it to start.

We'll go back at least once more since I didn't want to wait around an hour in between their two races, but then I'll think I'll call these racers done in Team Danger's book.

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