Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spring Camping with the Scouts

Before school let out, we had our annual spring campout with the Cub Scouts.

This is the spring campout meant for the younger Scouts, which means that the older, experienced Webelos like Alexander are in charge and lead the camp-out.

Our activities this years included the always-popular BB gun shooting.

And archery.

New this year: bottle rockets, which they assembled on their own. 

And then shot off. The kids LOVED shooting off the bottle rockets.

We also spent den time learning how to tie knots, and we hiked all around the property. 

Its part of the official Chisholm Trail, which is kind of exciting for Scouts since they are in the Chisholm Trail district.

Ryan had a lot of fun hanging with his friends.

And Alexander LOVED being one of the "leaders of the pack."

His highlight, though, was the webelo-only campfire after lights out, where they made s'mores. The rest of the pack has to make do with "Cracker Barrel" time of cheese and crackers as a pre-bedtime snack. But the big, mature Webelos? They get fire. And chocolate. 

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