Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Santa Fe Fake House

Ever since Ryan was a toddler and called a vacation rental home we were staying in our "fake house," its become our favorite term for our vacation digs.

I debated long and hard about where to stay in Santa Fe. We had loved our fake house in Ruidoso a few years back, in the middle of the mountains, with our own sledding hills, and plenty of snowy room for the boys to roam. Santa Fe, however, was a large(ish) city, as the capitol of New Mexico, and I wasn't sure how we were going to find what I needed. I also was a bit worried about the amount of snow we would find - New Mexico isn't a guarantee, the way Colorado or, say, Wyoming, would be this time of year. Heading up to my highest elevation possible would help.

Fortunately, I found the perfect place on flipkey - our very own little mountain casita up in the Tesuquqe reservation, about ten miles north of Santa Fe, with stunning views of the Sangre Cristo Mountains.

And it was this photo that sold me on it:

Did it look like this when we arrived? Well, no.

But there was snow on the ground, in the shadier spots of the property. And it had some beautiful sunrises.

This was the view out of our bedroom window:

And most importantly, it was enough snow for the boys to play in.

A lot.

They even found a way to sled in it.

The way that only Texas kids can understand.

 Alex and Ryan were over-the-moon excited waking up every morning, and going outside to their own winter wonderland.

We loved having privacy and being away from everyone else. And the views... wow.

We loved how "Santa Fe"ish our casita felt.

We love having space inside our fake house to spread out.

And we loved the kiva fireplace in our bedroom.

The boys just loved being in the snow.

We were so very, very glad we made this trip. It was definitely the best Christmas present we could have given them. And after the year we've had, we needed a good Christmas vacation.

 Just maybe next time, without the tow truck?

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