Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Night at the Museum

Also back in November, we spent a Night at the Museum with Alex and the Webelo scouts, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

I loved this camp"in" (and not just because I found this location and convinced our leaders this was the way to go).

But mainly because it was lots of fun, getting our own geology session.

And our own planetarium session.

And most importantly, a flashlight scavenger hunt through the dinosaur halls.

Our Night at the Museum rocked!!

This is a fantastic museum for kids, possibly my favorite in all of Texas. How we've never taken the kids before, I have NO idea. #parentingfail

The Egyptian and Mayan rooms rocked. I mean, look at the entrance to them.

The boys were FASCINATED watching this replica of Foulcoult's pendulum swing back and forth.

Waiting for it to knock down the stones consumed probably a full hour of our time.

The next morning, we got to spend some time with the butterflies in the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Love this place.

When I worked in Houston before law school, this was one of my favorite places to visit.

We had a great time in Houston, and since the museum is located close to where my dad lived, we got to eat at some of our old favorites, like the 59 Diner and Goode Company.  Mom's old Houston haunts were so far away from where Dad lived that it often felt like we were visiting a different city. So it was nice to return to my 1990s era of Houston. Miss you, Poptarts.

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