Thursday, August 29, 2013

first day

Team Danger returned to school on Monday, reluctantly posing for my obligatory 1st day of school photos.

This may be the last year I get a smile out of them.

For every good photo that was usable...

... there were four times as many like this...

... and this ....
... and this ....

... and this.

We're very happy with Ryan's teacher for 2nd grade, who is well-established and well-respected at the school.

And I think we're happy with Alexander's 4th grade teacher, nervous issues aside that this is only her third year teaching, and the first two years were spent in kindergarten at the school.

We've switched their after-school programs, too, and dropped the Y completely. For the past two years, they've gone to Mathnasium two times a week after school, and we've just double-paid for the two programs, since the Y wouldn't let us split up the week. Now we are doing Mathnasium full time. I thought they did a much better job making sure homework and reading was done, and we get the added bonus that the boys really like the extra math, and they don't seem to be burned out from mathnasium even after all this time. We started it two years ago with Alex after he begged us to send him, and then last year, added Ryan because we thought he could use the extra help. Alexander's perfect staar score reassured me that the program was worth it, and I love that two of their good friends (also brothers) joined the program this year, too.

Here's to a great 2013-14 school year, and may the rest of 2013 turn things around for what has arguably been the worst year of our lives.

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