Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bats on the Water

ETA: I wrote this blog entry two months ago, but somehow it didn't get posted in our vacation frenzy. Its a wonderful memory of a wonderful evening spent with Carl's parents, and we will treasure this day forever. The rest of the post below remains as I wrote it back in June. We love you, Al.

Briefly, we gave my inlaws a gift of a private sunset bat-watching cruise as a gift. It was a great gift, because we got to go along and enjoy their present.

I love gifts for other people like this. :)

We had two hours on our own little boat for Town Lake, or as its now called, Lady Bird Lake. (sorry, it will always be Town Lake to me)

We motored on down all the way past Mopac.

The kids LOVED the boat ride, and seeing all the other watercrafts we passed by.

But mostly, they just liked driving the boat.

So did Danger Daddy.

And so did Danger Papa Al.

We made it back to the Congress Bridge a bit before sunset, so we could be well positioned to see the bats fly.

Austin is home to over a million Mexican free-tailed bats, who all camp out under the Congress Avenue bridge.

Once the sun sets, they fly out.

It was absolutely stunning.

We had never taken the kids to watch the bats fly before, so they were doubly thrilled.

And what follows are a lot of sunset and bats photos.

Because who could simply pick one as their favorite?

A great time was had by all.

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