Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mining Legos ROCK

After a truly horrendous day traveling back home, Ryan woke up bright and eager to go shopping at Target and buy some new legos.


What the %$#!???????

I mean, here we are, fresh off a wonderful family vacation, which was full of great experiences, adventures, history, and more than a few gift shops. Its not as if the boy didn't get to buy lots of new things over the past fourteen days.

And he wakes up and wants to buy new legos??

Adding to the insult - the fact that the legos he received for CHRISTMAS were still unmade, and in their boxes in his room (apart from the little guys he had broken into the boxes for on December 26).

So did we go shopping for new legos?

Hell, NO.

I calmly explained to Ryan that no new lego set would enter this house until every single set in this house was currently built.

Which he took...

surprisingly well, and happily went off his merry little way.

And a few hours later...

He loves his "new" set, and had a BLAST playing with all the miners. (sorry, can't resist ROLLing with the mining puns here).

I just wish I could understand why it took him six months to build it.

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