Monday, December 10, 2012

Thankful for Family

Wow, I'm behind. Let's just blame it on the death of my home computer, and the arduous process of recovering stored photos, and leave it at that.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Houston. It was nice having a big crowd together to spend time with BeBe.

The boys loved seeing little Graham again.

And of course little Caroline.

And they loved meeting Bobby's new future step-children.

Alex in particularly bonded with Jordan. ;)

 This was how they spent much of the weekend.

All in all, we had five boys aged 2-14, and one six month little girl.

Caroline is just as cute as she was when we last saw her, and its so much fun to have a little baby around.

The day after Thanksgiving, Mom wanted some fresh air, so we headed to Galveston for lunch.

And of course, beach time.

 We hadn't brought bathing suits, but did that stop my boys?

Or Graham?

Oh no...

Callie came along for the beach, and she had a blast.

 BeBe wasn't feeling well for a lot of the visit, but we've now changed her morphine doses, and it looks like this might help manage her pain a bit more. They've also hired more round-the-clock care coming in to help with the evenings, and while she was at first resistant to that idea, she seems to be sleeping better knowing they check on her regularly (as opposed to waiting for Cheryl or Mom to hear her wring her bell).

Since Thanksgiving, we've (read: I've) been busy decorating the house for the holidays. My brother is, theoretically, in Austin for business for the better part of ten days, but he is working so much that we just see him for a few hours here and there.

Still, its nice to have him local, for lightsaber fighting and art lessons, and the boys are thrilled with all their new Uncle Beau originals.

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