Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday was one one of those 'we're crazy to think we can do all of this' kind of days.

Our soccer season hasn't started yet, but Coach Carl is so freaked out about Alex's team moving to goalies and throw-ins (rather than kick-ins) that we had a scrimmage against an older team. A quick costume change later, and we headed to a birthday party for one of Ryan's friends, Derek.

They swam, jumped, and generally played around like only first grade boys can do. Ryan especially loved these inflatable "punchers" (his word) and he opted to use them rather than a bat for the piata. (Ryan has always called a pinata a "piata." Its one of my favorite words, and so far, he hasn't corrected himself yet. I'll be very sad the day a piata becomes a pinata.)

Then we were off to Anderson's Mill for a Scout meeting for Alex's den, costume changes for the boys in the car. The historian in me was pretty excited about this event.

But once we got there, it was a bit of a let down to find out that a) the mill there is just a replica of the mill that once stood, b) they are repairing the replica, and c) no photos were allowed inside the "mill" or the museum. (Which I found out after I snapped the one below, so you can at least see the model  of the original  mill.)
After this event, we headed home for another quick costume change, as we were heading to our first ever UT football game with four other families.

Neither Carl nor I care much for football. But we put on our orange (ish*) and headed out to see if perhaps seeing the sport played live would change things.  (*ish because Alex couldn't find either of his two UT shirts during our few minutes back at the house, and since white isn't a color he really owns, I figured black was the next best option)

Did our twenty minute hike through downtown (each way), our tailgating experience, and the enthusiasm of 100,000 fans change our opinions of football?

No. Even Alex, who was shown some interest in football and possibly wanting to  play it, was bored and kept asking us if it was time to go home.

Give me a soccer game or a basketball game any day of the year over football. Too many long pauses, not enough action, and even if there is some exciting action, its all over in ten seconds for another five minute pause. Photo below taken when there was actual running going on.

This was about as excited as Alex got for the game. His very own fan.

On a plus, we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

 I just wish I'd had the big camera for pictures, rather than just my iPhone.

I suppose the fact that the score was 45-0 (Texas winning) didn't help much.

At least the boys had a chance to hang out with their friends.

But when not even snow cones can bring a smile to your face, its pretty much time to leave.

The 18 mile hike back to our car left every one rather grumpy, so I think I can safely say that this was our first and last UT football game.

And then there was Sunday.

Alex's birthday is next weekend, so we spent the day getting things ready for his party.

Any guess as to the theme he picked?

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