Friday, September 14, 2012

Den 10

Ryan had his first official Den 10 meeting this week. We've only got six boys in the den so far, but that may change after the round-up next Tuesday. This boy could not have been more excited to put on his OWN Scout uniform, and have his OWN Scout meeting.

This was HIS den, not Big Brother's den.

My pictures didn't come out so well, but I just love the excitement and unadulterated joy you can see on Ryan's face throughout these pictures.

Such a happy boy!

My favorite moment of the night was when Jules (she is co-leading the den with Carl, since they both have 3rd grade dens they also lead for our older boys) asked if anyone knows why the Scouts make what looks like bunny ears, but is really wolf ears (see below). We've known for a few years that its the symbol to be quiet, but this past summer when we were at the Scout Museum in Dallas, this wonderful docent told us a wonderfully detailed story that explained why you make wolf ears - because wolfs can't see very well, but they have excellent listening, so they use their Wolf Ears to be quiet, and listen to their victims or enemies, and then they can sneak up or away from them. Ryan was enthralled with this story, and listened attentively to every word the elder docent shared with us. We haven't discussed it since then, but he remembered every word, and shared it with the group. (Although he didn't use the word 'docent', he just called him 'a grandfather who used to be a Scout but isn't anymore.') Still, my heart grew a few inches with pride as I listened to him recount this tale.

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