Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Monday was a holiday for the boys and I. We went to Build a Bear ("where best friends are made," Alex tells me. "I read it on the box.") and picked out a birthday present for great Auntie Cheryl.

Cheryl, if you are reading this before we see you in March, STOP!!!

Cheryl has always been a mom of dachshunds, and the boys just love her current dogs, Tamale and Miso. So when we found a stuffed Miso at Build a Bear, how could we resist? Especially since we could add a hot dog costume. It's too perfect a gift for a beloved aunt.

We then came home and the boys decided this was the perfect time to dress up all of their other bears and welcome Miso Junior to the family.

Ryan even brought out his kitchen and tea set, and we had our very first Teddy Bear Tea Party.

I was in seventh heaven. Proof these danger boys came from my womb!

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