Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ryan's Pinch Pot

One of the joys of having two children is watching them grow, and seeing their own unique, personalities develop.

Its also fascinating to see just how different they can be. Case in point: two years ago, I was dragging information out of Alexander about his kindergarten days. Dinner often felt like I was back at work, and he was the hostile witness I had to cross-examine to get to the truth about what happened between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The pinch pot I discovered he had made at school, quite by accident when I happened to actually look at a detailed art display, perfectly captured my frustrations at the lack of information being sent my way. We've joked about it, and the words "pinch pot" have become synonymous in our house for "something important you did today that Mommy and Daddy MIGHT want to know about."

So you can imagine my display a few months back, when Ryan told us, unsolicited, "I started my pinch pot today."

We also received daily updates on the status of the pinch pot - what colors he was using, and what designs he was doing - and recently, he came home and told me that the pinch pots were now out on display, and did I want to come and see them?

Oh. My. God.

 I couldn't believe it.

Actual first-hand knowledge, plus an invitation to come to school.

So of course I bent over backwards to make it into school the next morning to see his pinch pot.

And what a pinch pot it is!

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