Friday, November 4, 2011

The Backyardigans Gotta Feeling

Little known sad fact:
The Black Eyed Peas' I've Gotta Feeling is the #1 most played song on my iPod.

And yes, I like the Black Eyed Peas. And at one point, I liked this song. But enough to justify 472 plays? Not exactly...

Those 472 plays are due to the fact that Team Danger LOVES this song. So we listen to it in the car. Over and over and over and over and over again. They call it the "Good Night" song. Which is an improvement over the "Knight Song" they first kept requesting and I kept giving them clueless looks and insisting there was no "Knight Song" on my iPod.

In case you are wondering, the next most popular songs on my iPod are Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, four Glee songs (mostly Team Danger favorites, like the Ice, Ice Baby remake. Please. Don't ask.) Finally, at #8, we see an actual Annalynn song cracking the Top 10: Jack Johnson's Better Together.

But not far behind in the play count are an awful lot of Backyardigans songs. This is Ryan's favorite show, by far, and one that Alex likes, too. He had a Backyardigans themed birthday party when we turned 4, and I downloaded all their songs for the celebration. We've played them so much we know all the words at this point.(I know, also a sad fact of my life)
So you can imagine the surprise and happiness on Team Danger's faces when I found the youtube video of the Backyardigans singing I Gotta Feeling.

A song Alex and Ryan know so well they can tell when the words were changed to make it more family-friendly.

Ryan: "Are there bad words in the Good Knight song, Mommy?"
Me: "Oh no, not at all."
Ryan: "Then why did the 'Ardigans change the words?"
Me: pause. "Well... they aren't bad, per se. Just that the 'Ardigans words are easier to understand."
Alex to Ryan, whispering: "Those have to be bad words. It must be bad to have money, be stressed, to burn the roof, get smashed, and to take it all off.*"

* perfectly noticing the changed words of 'I've got my money' to 'I've got my friends here,' 'I feel stressed' to 'I feel fine,' 'burn the roof' to 'raise the roof', and 'look at her dancing, take it off' to ' I see you dancing, don't turn it off.'

I'm so, um, proud.

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