Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp Granny

The boys first annual "Camp Granny" week was a success! (don't you like how I made it an annual event, Mom?!)

The boys really had a chance to experience "country" life while at Bobby's house.

Ryan's favorite part of the week was the baby chicks. One of Bobby's chickens hatched some eggs while they were there, and the boys were in LOVE with the baby chicks.

Alex loved Bobby's trolley.

They had cooking classes with Aunt Cheryl, did some art projects, saw movies, swam, floated in the river, swam some more.

And they even managed a Sea World trip on one of the days (Day 4 of the Annual Passes for the boys, if you are counting - which I am - to see how well we are getting our moneys worth).

They loved all the bunk beds at Uncle Bobbys. Alex has a set of bunk beds at home, but this was Ryan's first time sleeping in a top bunk.

 BeBe taught them solitaire and other card games.

And there were lots of dogs for them to play with. Bobby has four dogs, and Cheryl had brought her two. So hopefully they've gotten that "we want a puppy" idea out of their system. ;)

We're very thankful  the boys had this opportunity to spend with family. One of my favorite memories of growing up was when Beau and I would go to Maine to visit our grandparents, and out to the ranch and Boerne to spend with BeBe and Doc. There is something so magical about getting away from your own parents and house rules, and spending quality time with your grandparents and other family members. They are already talking about when they can go again!

We also discovered one of the best perks of sending munchkins away for a week: Two super affectionate, loving and cuddly little boys were returned to us! . Absence does, indeed, make the heart grow fonder.

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