Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Now that our school district has finally put to bed their horrible idea to make kindergarten a half-day program next fall, we can safely take Ryan to all the fun activities Spicewood has planned to welcome him and his friends to kindergarten in August.

Thursday was "Meet the Specials," a chance for the children to meet their "Specials" teachers  - art, music, Spanish, and PE. Alas, I had a trial set to start 15 minutes before Ryan's activity, so Carl took Ryan. He had a blast!

 He saw his friends Patrick, Valerie, Derek, and Michael, and its such a good feeling for me as a parent that he already feels like such a part of the Spicewood community. I can't help but reflect on how better that is for him than it was with Alex when we knew practically no one. Its especially nice for Ryan since he is my shy, sensitive child. If he had been in Alex's shoes two years ago, I think he would have had a hard time making the adjustment.

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