Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween 2014

For Halloween this year, Ryan went as Captain America (in his Winter Soldier costume). And Alex was ... I don't know ... some sort of Army Ranger / Call of Duty knock-off.

I was annoyed and disappointed with costumes for my eldest. Apparently, he has outgrown pretty much all boys costume options, and they only sell five costumes in all of Austin that are a boys "XL" size. All military themed. There are no tween/teen boys sizes. When your son outgrows the Boys Large sizes, the next step up is men's costumes.

And men's costumes aren't generally appropriate for 11 year old boys.

 Sigh. Big SIGH.

I'm either going to have to make something next year (not what I do) or else he'll become one of those kids I loathe seeing on October 31 - those tween boys in no costumes holding a pillow case open to me, and expecting me to put candy inside the pillow case. I've always been annoyed at these boys who can't even bother to put on a costume, and silently rebelled by giving them the crappy candy, and not the good stuff. And this year, it dawned on me. It's not their fault. They have no choice. There are NO COSTUMES for them to buy.

So for all those tween boys who are costume-less and whom I have wronged through the years based on false assumptions, I apologize.

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