Saturday, October 12, 2013

Double Digits

Alex turned ten last month, and its pretty shocking to realize an entire decade of my life has gone by in the flash of an eye. Wasn't I just pregnant for the first time?!

To celebrate his birthday, we hosted our very first sleepover party. Gulp. It didn't go as bad as I feared, but man, boys are loud.  Especially lots of boys.

So while I finish going through all the pictures from his party and celebrating, I've put together a trip back through memory lane. Starting with his first birthday, when he had two parties, one in California with my side of the family, since Uncle Beau had the nerve to get married the day after Alex's 1st birthday.

And then again back in Austin with the Swanson fam.

The Wiggles were a big part of Alex's youth - we even saw them in concert twice. They made the perfect theme for his #2 party.

Then it was all Thomas, all the time.

Arrrgh, matey. I'm four.

For five, our little prince wanted a Knights and Dragons party.

  Princesses (like cousin Bailey) naturally came along.

At six, we were ready for an epic Star Wars party.

While for seven, we started the superhero route.

Which we continued at age eight, with Captain America.

And at nine, the infamous Nerf Party.

And for ten, it was the Secret Agent / Super Spy Sleepover Smash.

I doubt the next ten years of parties will be anywhere near as fun to plan and throw, but you never know...

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